The Internet.

I spent most of my free time alone, in my room, at my computer. I’d watch youtube videos, search for funny websites, gaming websites. I just wanted to pass the time.

I was never good at making friends so finally when i was 12, i decided to play my first online game, in hopes that people would get to know my personality before judging me by my appearance. It was called Onverse.

I met this boy, he was around 16 years old. We became best friends.

When i was 12, i had no friends, my family was never that close either. We fought a LOT. We never got along, and the words “I hate you.” were used on a daily basis….even some crueler words…. like, “I wish you would die.”

Now when you’re a 12 year old girl, having your mother tell you that she wished you would die, can be heart breaking. This is where that boy came in.

He was my only friend at the time, and in fact, we still talk to this very day. He had made me feel like i was wanted. Like the fact that i existed, was a miracle. Though we have known each other for many years, and still talk,  we have not been able to meet, because sadly, he lives on the other side of the world…

At the age of 17, after having lost all of my close friends, and my first love, i resorted back to the internet, but this time, i used an app called “MeetMe”. This app was more for meeting new people, rather than playing mini games and embarking on quests like in Onverse. Also, this app had an age filter, and helped you to meet people in your own location.

Now of course, my parents were not aware that i was using such an app, but that didn’t stop me.

I met this kid, Johnathan. We had not been talking long, but i decided to meet up with him. I had hated my life at the time and most mornings when i woke up, my first thought was “I hope i die today.” So meeting up with Johnathan was more of a death wish, because he had seemed like a dangerous reckless guy.

He arrived with his friends and i got into his car and we drove for about an hour until we arrived at his place. I walk into his house, with things all over the floors and up into his dark small room. He told me to have a seat on his couch, and so i did.

I waited as he scrambled around his room, picking things up and moving things around. I spotted a knife in the corner of his room. It was about the length of my entire arm. I was afraid.

He comes over to me and sits down. He looks at me and says,

“So, you told me you enjoyed kids movies, and so i picked up this movie, and got us snacks, and set it all up.”

This guy that seemed so intimidating, ended up cuddling me as we watched a child’s movie and i ended up falling asleep on his chest.

I woke up a while later and he had not moved a muscle, in fear of waking me.

Johnathan had saved my life. He was there for me when everyone else left. He had showed me that not everyone is bad.

People say that the internet is a bad untrustworthy place, and sure while that can be true, it doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. You just have to look in the right places, look for the right people.

I have met some amazing people on the internet that have changed my life, completely turned me around. I have changed for the better, because of the guidance of some of the most amazing people, that i have met on the INTERNET.


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