The memories of our past, are eating at me inside…and the girl you helped me to be? ..she has already died…Because I was feeding you lies while i tried to discover myself and the one person who downed my abuse was YOU…nobody else..

You were there when i was scared…and you helped me through when i wasn’t prepared to take on the world…You…YOU saved me. You helped me to be who I was always supposed to be but then I got lost in all of this insanity but I told myself DAY AFTER DAY that it was HEALTHY…That what i was doing was okay…

You were the greatest friend I ever had, and everytime i got sad, i got MAD. I got mad at YOU and I blamed you for the truth that i was afraid to accept…yet…

I did not mean to make you break… All of the anger that i directed towards you was a mistake , it was UNFAIR…and despite everything that I put you through you still CARE…or do you?

I took you and threw you way beyond the breaking point…I locked you up in a cage and poked and stabbed for days upon days…

Once I had finally broken who you were…knowing how badly I had hurt you, I still had the NERVE to swerve the blame on you..

All I can do now is apologize for how badly i had hurt you and how many times i had lied…

And you sit there in the skin that I created….

….As I lay back in a personality that has now faded…


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